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JeffTron社 Leviathan Processor CMBC Ver.2 뒷배선용
판매가 : 155,000원
적립금 : 3,100 (2 %)
제조사 : JeffTron
원산지 : Czech(체코)
상품코드 : 3654
수량 :
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2형식 기어박스용 레비아탄  CMBC 입니다.

Controlled Mosfet with Blutooth Communication

즉, 스마트폰으로 연발시 발사간격 조절, Active Brake 량 조절, 프리 코킹, 밧데리 상태도 알 수 있고, 누적 발사 탄수를 알 수 있어 자동차 처럼 몇 키로 탔는지(몇 발 쏘았는지 알 수 있습니다) -

Product description: Leviathan - V2 to stock

Leviathan - V2 is processor controlled mosfet with Bluetooth communication. It adds new shooting modes, controls RoF, pre-cocking, active braking, low battery indication, statistics...
Everything is controlled via application in the smart phone (iOS and Android).
Device is fully integrated inside the gearbox version 2 instead of the original trigger contacts.
Comes with completely made wires to stock with 30A mini fuse and deanT connector - no soldering needed.

- Adds new shooting modes independent for every position on the fire selector (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)
- Three adjustable bursts (range 2 - 20 shots)
- Rate of fire makes breaks between shots to reduce RoF. It gives fast trigger response even with very low rate of fire, just like in a real gun
- Adjustable strength active braking (can be disabled)
- Pre-cocking function for instant shot on SEMI fire
- Delay between shots adds time in which isn't possible to shoot, it simulates the delay from gun reload or recoil (range 0,1 - 4,0 seconds)
- Low battery indication for 2S - 4S li-pol and 3S - 4S li-fe
- User can save multiple settings under profiles
- Update function fixes bugs and adds new features to the device
- Application shows actual battery voltage value. Color lines indicates battery charge status
- There are three shot counters. Total count every shot during the device lifetime. User counter can be reset by user anytime. Power-up counter is reset by battery connection
- Error log shows errors made during the device life
- Leviathan - V2 monitors current, voltage and temperature to avoid any damage when something go wrong.
- Motor vibrates and beeps as a feedback for user
- Programmed settings are saved in the Leviathan - V2 memory immediately after their change, so settings aren't lost when is Bluetooth or battery disconnected 

Independent for every position on the fire selector (SAFE - SEMI - AUTO)
- SAFE: no responding on the trigger pull.
- Semi: it fires single shot per trigger pull.
- Semi/BurstX: short trigger pull fires single shot, long trigger pull fires burst.
- Double trigger: it fires single shot when trigger is pulled and another single shot when is released.
- BurstX: gun shoot burst per trigger pull.
- BurstX/BurstY: short trigger press fires burstX, long trigger press makes burstX+burstY fire.
- BurstX/Full: short trigger press fires burstX, long trigger press makes auto fire.
- Full: gun makes auto fire until releasing trigger.

- Easy installation inside the gearbox version 2, compatible with Tokyo Marui standard
- In the most cases is no modifications needed in the gun or Leviathan - V2
- It uses micro switch actuated by sector gear for perfect semi and burst fire timing
- CNC trigger included with package has screw to move its zero position. Thanks to it, shot can be made by very short trigger pull, it is called "hair trigger" modification
- Thanks to advanced electronics, Leviathan - V2 can be used with any common gearbox upgrade and gun rate of fire
- Completely made wiring allows the fastest and the easiest installation into the gun, it is long enough for all kind of weapons with battery placed in the stock. No soldering is needed
- There are high quality power wires 1,5 qmm (AWG16) with thin and hard MPPE insulation and signal blue wire 0.34 qmm (AWG24) with MPPE insulation
- Power wires outer diameter is only 2,06 mm and blue wire 1,24 mm
- The wire length between the gearbox and the battery connector is 290mm
- Electronics are coated with lacquer, it protects Leviathan - V2 against water
- For right pre-cocking function is necessary to have in the gearbox functional antireverse latch
- Specified for common batteries up to 17V (Ni-xx 8.4 - 12V, lipol 7.4 - 14.8V)
- Device increases gun rate of fire and battery holds longer, than with basic wiring
- With active braking ON piston isn't partially stretched, spring is fully released, parts in mechabox aren't under strain and nozzle locks hop-up chamber in greater part (depends on ROF)
- In weapons with very high rate of fire (ROF) active brake solves multiple shots in semi mode
- The braking effect is the most powerful with high torque motor
- Remove from the gearbox: cut off lever, trigger, trigger contacts and trigger block, you will not need them with the Leviathan - V2

MOBILE APPLICATION: you can install it here
DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS: you can download installation manual in English here [PDF, 4.33 MB]
- Leviathan - V2 drop-in module with wiring to stock, DeanT connector, 30A mini fuse and faston connectors to the motor
- CNC black trigger with zero path adjustment screw
- Screw with washer for securing device in the gearbox
- Foam to keep device in place
- Installation manual in English

- Installation of this device into the gearbox requires advanced technician skills!
- Please read these informations before installing your device to prevent any damage.
- Short circuit or incorrectly connected battery will cause immediate damage to the device which is not covered by the warranty. It can lead to fire or even battery explosion.
- Disconnect battery, when you aren't using the gun! Otherwise you will fully discharge the battery. Because the device drains small amount of current from the bettery all the time.
- Don't connect battery when gun pointing towards you, another person or an animal.
- Don't modify, repair and put into any kind of liquids or thermal shock the Leviathan - V2.

- 상품의 사용후기를 적어주세요.
번호 제목 작성자 작성일 조회 평점
- 상품에 대해 궁금한 점을 해결해 드립니다.
번호 제목 작성자 작성일 조회 평점
4 배터리잭 [1] 한승훈 2019/03/26 41
3 kwa rm4에 장착이 될까요? [1] 김재이 2019/03/20 54
2 iyu8827 [1] 심규명 2019/03/19 3
1 문의 [1] 이승호 2019/03/19 1
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